Although Hundheim is a small Hunsrück village, there is a lot to discover here. The ruins of the Baldenau castle lie between Hundheim and the neighbouring village of Hinzerath along the Dhron. It is the only moated castle in the Hunsrück. Directly opposite our holiday home, Claudia and Wolfgang Ernst run a horese back riding school for children ages 3 and up with lots of passion and joy.

Ruins of Baldenau CastleRiding school for children

Edgar Reitz

Morbach is the home of Edgar Reitz, the famous director of the "Heimat" films. His birthplace is now the Café Heimat, which presents the life and works of Edgar Reitz and makes them accessible to the public. A small art house cinema for special-interest films will soon open there.

Edgar ReitzCafé Heimat in Morbach


There are many other exciting things to discover in and around Morbach. Businesses of all sizes in the town have joined together to form a large trade association, which regularly organises special events. And if you would like to find out more about what to see and any special events in the local area, the tourist information office will also be happy to help. Here you will also find the bus timetables for the region.

Tourist information MorbachTrade association Morbach